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It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or an experienced runner,

When you join a running club you want to get something meaningful for your membership money.

With Running Domain you get more than just running groups. You get access to the Running Domain Online training package with unlimited online training plans with tools that helps you monitor your training and measure your progress.

You get coach support when you need it, regular communications - as well as the group runs. We're a friendly and inclusive club - all runners are equal! Join us, share your love of running and learn from the experiences of your fellow runners.

Club Membership Features:


The Running Domain club membership includes the Online training package.
Your training programs are online. No more printing off spreadsheets.
And with everything available online, your training program is with you wherever you go.
Easily update your training program with your running info and import your runs from Strava.
See at a glance of the dashboard how you are tracking against plan and review your training with charts and reports.
Compatible with Strava


Whenever you need advice all you have to do is ask for it!

Your coach is available to help you by email or phone or in person at one of the training runs.
Coaches are experienced runners as well as qualified coaches.

Your coach can go online to view your training reports to provide you feedback to help you stay on track.


We can't do the running for you - but we can help and motivate you to run.
The group runs during the week which are designed to help you fulfill the requirements or your training plan.
Weekday runs are designed to be done within the hour to allow you to run and get to work or back to your other commitments.

Weekend runs are for the long runs in the half-Marathon and Marathon programs.


The Members weekly email keeps you up to date with news, new training Plans and details the upcoming week’s runs.

Details of each of the runs during the week are published in the weekly emails along with printable run maps and link to maps so you know what's coming up.

You’ll also meet your fellow runners online through the Running Domain Facebook forum. This forum allows you to share and learn from the experiences of people who are training alongside you.


As well as your coach and fellow runners, a network of professionals support the Running Domain programs.
That means we can help you find the right shoes, clothing and gear as well as being able to refer you onto a network of specialists to help keep you in top form including:

  • physiotherapists
  • massage therapists
  • podiatrists
  • Chiropractors
  • biomechanics specialists