Using your training plan

See at a glance this weeks schedule with the type of runs and distances that you'll do. There are instructions about the runs - and to make sure you don't miss a run get email reminders sent to you the day before a run

View your plan

THE TRAINING PLAN View you plan a week at a time, navigate forward and see what's coming up.

Adding your run Info

To make a training plan useful you need to monitor your progress!

You can update the Running Domain online plan with your running info in 2 ways
  • Entering your runs directly.
  • Using Strava

Compatible with Strava
At the push of a button you can import your Strava data

If you're not already a Strava user but use Garmin, a GPS based watch or a GPS based phone app it's quick and easy to set-up the import via Strava.

Entering runs directly

If you don't use a gps watch or app then simply enter Date, distance, duration and comments from the Plan view to keep track of your runs.